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For the rest of this week, the dance tracks are from musicals.

Today, is a twist on one of the songs from The Lion King.

Pupil Passport

This week, we would like you to complete the Tyrrells Pupil Passport to share information about yourself with your new teacher. This year, we have added a new section so that you can share your lockdown achievements. 

As this will contain your name and personal information, we would like you to send the completed passports to your teacher by email who will then pass them on to your new teacher(s) securely. 

(This message will appear for the rest of the week but you only need to complete this once!)


We are moving onto our final topic of translation. This is when a shape or point moves across the page. It is imperative that you remember that the shape doesn't change.

Have a look at the following video clip which help explain this practically.

Now, read through the "sliding objects ppt" up to slide 7 and then complete the activity 1 match up game. You can mark your answers using slide 8.

Work through slides 9 to 11 and then complete Activity 2, using the answers provided at the end.


You can then have a go at the quiz on slides 13 to 15.


Today is a reinforcement of the grammar terminology you need to know and recognise. Play this grammar top trumps game and challenge someone at home.

RE - Christianity

There are two aspects of Christianity to cover this afternoon.

Firstly, let's find out all about the holy book, The Bible. Open up the Bible activity sheet below and follow the link to find out more information.

Now, we have chance to explore about the places of Worship that Christians have. Read the detail below and then complete the activity.