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Welcome to Year 3!


Thank you for visiting the Year 3 page. This is where you will find information about our learning. If you have any questions, please contact us on the email addresses below. 


Miss Saunders and Miss Gullick



Home Schooling

Lessons and lesson resources will be uploaded to J2e. Lessons will follow the normal school timetable. Please find the timetable for the week commencing 4th January below. 

Year 3 became embalmers for the afternoon:

Mummifying Tomatoes!


Today, the children experienced the mummification process by mummifying a tomato!

First, the children made observations of the tomato and then made a small incision to reach the innards.

They then used a small spoon to remove the seeds and juices (this is equivalent to the organs in Egyptian mummies).

The tomato was cleaned with antibacterial sanitiser and then dried.

Finally, the tomato was packed with and surround by salt (natron).

We will look at the tomatoes in two weeks to see if our mummification was successful!

Archived content (Academic Year 2019/20)

Please see below a little message from all of us to all of you...

Geography with David Attenborough



We have just heard the news that David Attenborough is becoming the nation's Geography teacher and we can think of no-one better qualified for the job! The first episode, on The World, aired today (Tuesday 16th June)  but you can catch up on BBC Bitesize and the iPlayer


For more information, click the link below!

Blue Peter 6 Badges of Summer


Did you know there are 6 different Blue Peter badges - Green, Sport, Music, Blue, Fan Club and Silver? Could you make it your mission to earn a badge between now and the end of July? Or perhaps you'll aim to get all six and have a complete set! Details can be found using the link below.


Fun Spelling Activities

Take a look at this long list of fun and different ways to learn your weekly spellings! There is certain to be something here to interest everyone. How many will you try? Take pictures of any that you have a go at and email them to your teacher!

Fun Grammar Games 

Have a look at the games below. Which one is your favourite? Can you beat your adults?

Let us know how you get on!

Meet the Teacher