The Tyrrells School

Aspire, Care, Learn for Life


Look at the parts of a plant freshly pulled up (this could be a weed in your garden!


Identify the plant if possible – and then ask children to name the parts that they can see.


Hopefully identify roots, stem, leaves & flower if there is one.

Where do you think the roots of each plant are?

Why are they in the ground?

Why are the leaves green?

Why do you think flowers are pretty and attractive?  


Explain that we are going to grow our own simple plants. Show children some seeds of your choice (we suggest cress!) and get them to observe them closely.


What shape are they?

What colour are they?

Can you see anything sticking it out of it? 

How do you think we will get these seeds to grow?

What will they need?

Where should we put them?

What do you think we will see first when they start to grow?


Scatter the cress seeds on kitchen paper and water them.


Children record test so far by drawing and labelling equipment as set up and making a simple prediction about what they will see in two days time. 


Explain to the children that we have also set up 2 further tests – one with no water on the shelf with the others, and one with water but in a box in the cupboard.


Why have we done this? 

What are we taking away from the plant?

Do you think it will still grow?