The Tyrrells School

Aspire, Care, Learn for Life


Today we are going to be learning to give examples of some ways we can be and stay healthy and to say what it feels like to be healthy.


Ask children to complete the sentence stems: I am healthy when … and / or Being healthy is …


Give children a sheet of A4 paper, and ask them to draw a picture of themselves in the middle looking and feeling healthy. Around that, ask them to draw and write about the things they think make and keep them healthy. Invite them to share aspects of these and to say the reasons why they have included something.


Ask them how it feels to be healthy and also how it might feel to be unhealthy. If children do not mention it, ensure their attention is drawn to the need for good personal hygiene and a sensible amount of sleep. Play the game ‘Change places if..’, by asking the children to stand and change places with someone else if they e.g. ate breakfast this morning; brushed their teeth before they came to school; have drunk water at school today; went to bed before 8.00 last night; walked to school.


Conduct a survey and make a bar chart which represents the different ways that your family are keeping themselves healthy, e.g. eating fruit and vegetables; playing with my friends.