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Tyrrells Chess Club (TCC)

Welcome to the homepage of the Tyrrells Chess Club (TCC)


TCC caters for all experience levels and is currently operating for Years 4-6 with plans to open to Year 3 during the year and maybe even wider at some point! Children who join will have an account created on Lichess for online learning, tournament play and coaching.


At present, TCC takes place on a Monday after school (4-5pm) online. I operate 2 groups on a rotational basis with one group receiving coaching while the other engages in a range of intra-club tournaments watched over by Miss O'Hanlon.


During coaching sessions, children will learn (depending on experience levels) basic principles, check mate patterns, puzzle-solving, opening theory and tactics such as pins, forks and skewers. In addition, many game opportunities are provided to hone and practise their skills. 


For those who wish to take their chess journey further, the TCC Chess Team currently competes in the National Primary & Prep School Blitz Battles on Fridays evenings and 'She Plays To Win' online tournament which is an initiative to promote girl's chess and I hope to provide some over-the-board tournaments against other local schools or clubs (pandemic situation permitting).


All details of forthcoming sessions, Microsoft Teams links, Tournament links are to be found on the Lichess TCC News area which is shown to all new members so please check in regularly. I will also place details of all forthcoming events on this web page.


I hope to see more members joining and loving learning to play the game!


Mr Viner