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Advance notice of a TTRockstar challenge between Year 4 and Year 5. It is taking place tomorrow (Friday) between 8.30am and 4.30pm

Everyone please get involved because every coin and point helps the team.

Let us show Year 5 what we are made of!!



Today we are consolidating our understanding of column subtraction by applying the skill to solving word problems. It is important to always read the instructions and apply RUCSAC.

Remember, word problems need to be answered in a full sentence and include units.

Make sure to include the short date of 26.03.20 in your work and choose the appropriate challenge level for you. You will be able to self mark these questions as answers can be found at the bottom of the worksheet.
As an extension feel free to try the dicey game challenge. Follow the instructions on the guidance sheet below.



Today you are going to have chance to finish writing your narrative with a dilemma. Do not forget re refer back to your drawing and annotating of your setting and character description on Monday and your detailed plan from Tuesday.  Make sure to reread your first section from yesterday to ensure that your narrative with a dilemma flows. Please click on the link for the writing challenge and read Session 4.

As we've discussed in class, make sure to refer to the success criteria. Challenge yourself to include detailed vocabulary choices. Make sure you focus on the dilemma and discuss the different options and choices available.

You will have opportunity tomorrow to edit and redraft your work.

Daily tasks


TT rockstars for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes. Those of you using Lexia please log in and complete 20 minutes of this too.



Electricity Treasure Hunt - We use electricity in and around our home every day. Click on The Treasure Hunt link below to find 12 riddles of items that use electricity. 

Happy hunting. Answers can be found on the second page.



Audio book


Tune into David Walliams on the web link below. He is releasing a free audio book each day. Download it and listen to it wherever you feel comfortable and relaxed.