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Comparing money amounts

Today, we are going to be looking at how much certain items cost in total and how that compares to other items. Is it the same cost, less than (<) or greater than (>). You will need to apply your addition skills to work out the costs of particular combinations of items to then compare.

Choose the appropriate challenge level for you and then check your answers to the marking schedule at the end of the document.


Read the poem "Things I have been doing lately" on page 2. Consider the questions included on page 3.


Activity 2 - This is an opportunity for you to make up your own ideas for a poem called "Things I did last week" Really push your imagination to be as far fetched as possible, eg  

Last week, I battled a ferocious dragon.

Last week, I discovered long-lost treasure.

Last week, I invented a contraption for travelling through time.

Complete your ideas on page 5. Remember to look at the nouns, verbs and adjectives that you have used and try to improve some so that they are really vivid and memorable. Use the revision card on page 4 for more ideas

Activity 3 - Choose your favourite items and carefully handwrite a version of you poem

When you have finished, feel free to add an illustration.


Lesson 6 - Maya Creation Myth

Read the "Maya Civilisation Creation Story PPT". Using the details you find out about, recreate the Maya creation myth using a storyboard, with text and images. There are different challenge levels of storyboard you can choose from.


There are two different further activities you may wish to tackle

1. Colour a section of a Maya glyth

2. Compare the May and Christian creation myths