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Today you will need a ruler as we are going to measure length and then be able to draw lines of an exact length accurately.

Firstly, watch the video below to show you how to measure objects. The second video discusses the markings on a ruler and if you watch to just 25 seconds in it shows an object that is not a complete cm in length.

Now it is your turn to read the markings on the ruler images below. Take care to read carefully along the scale. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you and self mark your answers.

Now, carefully try to draw lines to the accurate length that you have been asked to.

Remember to hold your ruler firmly and start the line exactly at the point marked "0".

Take your time.


Today we are going to start reading our Mayan Book, The Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowery and Richard Keep.

Below is the link to the book, it is really important that you only read the pages that we say, don't race ahead to find out more. We promise, you will get to access the whole book over the coming weeks.

Read Chapter 1 "The Jungle Kingdom" on pages 4 to 15.


Now, reread chapter 1 and focus on the main character Kukulkan. Think about the questions below to be able to take notes to capture what type of character he is.

1. Who is he?

2. Describe his appearance?

3. What is his personality like?

4. What is his relationship with others, i.e. the Mayans like?

5. Where does he live?


These notes are really important because these will be needed for your lesson tomorrow. Pay particular attention to the adjectives that you could use.


Lesson 7 and 8 Everyday Life of the Maya

Today and tomorrow you will be exploring the everyday life of the Maya. First, start with carefully reading the "Everyday life introduction PPT". Then, take a look at the Everyday May Life worksheet"

Below, you will find some additional resources and information to help you complete the worksheet. Please take the opportunity to also do your own research using the internet to add further information.

Remember, you have two days in which to complete this activity.