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*Please conduct a spelling test of the spellings given out last Friday. New spellings to learn will be available on Friday's page. Please test these next Thursday!*


Today we will be learning about how to form plurals.

Watch the following video which helps to explain what a noun is and the spelling rule for adding -s and -es.


If unable to access the link, please use the following presentation which explains these rules.

Now, apply your learning by completing the following activities:

If you would like more of a challenge, you can explore additional spelling rules for turning nouns into plurals by watching the video below. Take the quiz at the end to see if you can remember some of the other rules!

You could also have a go at these challenge cards too!

Today we will be measuring weight using non-standard units.


Give children the following questions to explore weight around the home:

Can you find something that is heavy but small?

Can you find the lightest object in the room?

What might be the heaviest?


Revisit comparing mass using the terms ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ using the following link:

Use the below link 'Measuring Mass - Activity 1' to measure how heavy each toy is in ‘cubes’. Record your answers as follows:

The pineapple weighs _____ cubes.

The apple weighs _________cubes.

The pear weighs __________cubes.


Now answer the following questions verbally:

Which fruit was the heaviest? How do you know? (encourage full sentences - 'the heaviest fruit was..... because......').

Which fruit was the lightest? How do you know? (encourage full sentences - 'the lightest fruit was...... because.....').

If you want a challenge, try Measuring Mass - Activity 2. Record the combined weights of the two different animals in cubes.


Can you reason about how much the animals will weigh by using the key on the left hand side? For example 'if one rabbit weighs 4 cubes, then 2 rabbits must weigh 8 cubes'. Test your estimate. Were you correct?

For an extension or if you are unable to access the links above to weigh, please complete activities on pages 36-41 of the booklet linked below.