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Today we are starting our unit on length.

Before we start this, can you record any units of length that you know.

When measuring there are many different units, such as metres and centimetres, and these can be converted between. Metric conversions involve being able to EITHER multiply by 10, 100 or 1000 OR dividing by 10,100 or 1000.

So we need to recap how to do this, remember how we digit bounce. Record the number and if multiplying by 10, our number is getting bigger. So every digit bounces one place (because there is one zero) to the left. If you are dividing, the number is getting smaller so every digit bounces to the right. The number of places it moves depends on how many zeros there are in the number you are multiplying by (so multiplying by 1000 means every digit moves three places to the left)

The rule to remember, is that the decimal place ALWAYS stays where it is, it NEVER moves. Use the place value guide sheet to help you if you need.

The extension work involves multiplying by say 50. The rule is multiply your original number by 5 and then multiply that answer by 10.


Yesterday, you read six different versions of Mayan folklore stories. You should have chosen your favourite one. (Please refer to the list of the resources on Tuesday's class page)

You can now present that story using any format that you wish. Attached is a story board for you to complete with words and images. Alternatively, you may wish to produce a more detailed comic strip, or video it being acted out with your toys.

Please do not forget to share your work with us on SeeSaw.

Art - Father's Day

As we are sure you know, this Sunday is Father's Day. So this afternoon you have chance to create a homemade card of your own. We have attached some guidance of one particular format you may wish to use, but feel free to use your own ideas and creativity if you would prefer.