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PE Zumba Challenge

Day 3 of your Zumba lessons.


We are going to apply our understanding of calculating the perimeter of irregular polygons. This carries on from our lesson yesterday.

Review the PowerPoint below up to slide 12 and then complete Activity 1. These are fluency based questions, please choose the appropriate challenge level for you and self mark your answers.

If you are feeling confident with the fluency questions, return to the Powerpoint and complete from slide 13. Then have a go at tackling the Reasoning and Problem solving questions below.

As always, choose the appropriate challenge level for you and remember to self mark your answers.


Yesterday, you considered the positive and negative consequences Kukulkan could have faced from his decision to take the chocolate tree from Paradise to the Mayans on Earth. You may have acted this out and should have made notes to show your prediction of the consequences.

So, today you are going to write your own ending based on the consequences you have chosen, be it positive or negative.

Make sure to use the success criteria below in your writing.

RE - Christianity

Lesson 2 - The Good Samaritan

Read the short text that details the story of The Good Samaritan. Then answer questions based on it

Have a go at completing the word search below

Lesson 3 - The Ten Commandments

The Bible, includes details of what these are. Today, you will have chance to think about what you would like to include in your own list. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you.

If you would like to complete a word search relating to the Ten Commandments, this can be found below.