The Tyrrells School

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To start with this half term, we have a personal experience focus for RE.


Start by going outside into the garden, or on your daily walk, to study the natural world. Look at the clouds, listen to the birds, touch the trees and plants. Remind the children to think about their five senses which we have covered recently in science. (You might need to start by reminding your child not to taste anything and to always remember to wash their hands after touching things). 


What aspect of nature do you particularly enjoy? How does it make you feel? What did you enjoy looking at? Was there anything that you didn't like to look at? Why? 


Please then ask your child to draw and/or write about aspects of nature that they saw/heard/smelt/touched while they were outside that they particularly enjoyed. A sheet has been provided for this below, or they could just write down their observations in their notebook.