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We are moving on from the conversion of length into the application of length to help us calculate perimeter. Perimeter is the length all the way around a shape. Think of being an ant who has to walk all the way round the shape and add up each length as you go round. Read the "Perimeter PPT" below and then have a go at the activity below. The Activity Pdf is many pages long so select which challenge level you wish to tackle and only print out those pages. The * challenge involves counting squares, whereas ** and *** involve measuring the lengths and then adding them all together.

Remember to self mark using the answers provided.


We have another grammar focus today, and it is on determiners. These are really easy to spot but difficult to define. So watch the animated video below which explains all about them.

You see, you do know them but just probably did not realise they are called determiners. Work through the "Using Determiners PPT"

Then apply your understanding by circling the determiners based on the appropriate challenge level. Again, you can self mark your answers.


Mayan Number system

You are going to find out about how ahead of the times the Mayan's were. They introduced the concept of place value and a zero to show larger numbers.

Step 1 - Look at "Mayan Number system PPT". Read slides 3 and 4

Stop at Slide 4 and see if you can try to work out what each symbol means.

Step 2 - Slide 5 shows the individual values of each symbol. Use this to look back at slide 4. The numbers are stacked on top of each other to make 20s.

Step 3 - Look at the numbers 1-19 on slide 6. Spot how the pattern is made up.

Step 4 - Look at slide 7 can you work out the answers to the symbols?


Extension - Review slides 8-11 covers how numbers greater than 20 work.



Activity 1

Choose the appropriate challenge level from "Mayan number cards" and work out what the symbols represent. Self mark, using the answers provided.

Extension activities


If super confident - can you write an addition question using symbols to test your friends with to solve? How about subtraction questions?


Design a poster explaining the Maya Number system. Perhaps sharing some facts to explain how important it is.