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Please read the "Adding and Subtracting decimals PPT". When adding and subtracting decimals it is really important to always line up your numbers in correct place value order and lining up numbers. Today we are focussing on adding decimals so, complete "Adding decimals worksheet 1", choosing the appropriate challenge level and mark using the answers provided.

We see decimals in action with money so "Adding decimals worksheet 2" relates to using the column method to add money. Again, choose the appropriate challenge level and self mark your answers.
Extension - Challenge yourself to this open ended investigation.


Many of you find rereading your work to identify edits that could be made quite tricky. So today, you will be provided with three different levels of editing task to consider. These do not involve redrafting work but spotting errors like missing capital letters, punctuation and verb tenses.

Remember to use a coloured pencil or pen to mark the corrections and then see whether you spotted them all against the editing challenges you were presented with.

Science - Environmental Changes

The theme of environmental changes is going to run for the rest of the week. This will be in the form of two science lessons and one art activity at the end of the week. Read the "Environmental Changes" Powerpoint and discuss the questions on the slides to outline some of the changes, natural and man-made, that can occur in the environment, and the ways these can impact on living things. Complete the "Environmental Changes Activity Sheet", giving examples of environmental changes and how they affect living things.