The Tyrrells School

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Today we will be continuing our work on Van Gogh's painting - Landscape with House and Ploughman.




Look at the line drawing that you produced last lesson. What can you see in the picture? If you can, make two copies of your line drawing.


Guide children to consider absence of colour! What can we do to address this? Look carefully at how the medium used in the painting above also creates texture. Explain that over the next two weeks we we are going to use two different media to colour the copies of our line drawings. Choose what you would like to use to add colour to one copy of your line drawing from your collection at home. This could be paint, pastels, chalk, crayon or colouring pencil. Show the children how to use their chosen medium to create texture and to build or blend colours. 


It is important to look very carefully at the photo of the image used above in order to decide which colours they need and where they will need to use them. Have a go and we would the thrilled to see your first picture on Seesaw!