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Daily English



Today you are going to create expanded nouns by adding more detail to the ingredients in your disgusting sandwich.


So let's think of some words that might describe the ingredients you have chosen. Think of the taste and the texture...


Here are some examples to get you started: 






Can you add to the list? 


Choose some of your best and write them above the ingredients in the sandwich picture you drew yesterday. Here is an example: 

Now you are going to write instructions on how to make your disgusting sandwich. 


Remember to use time connectives such as : first, then and next. Here is a little video to help you remember which ones to use and an example of instructions.

The Crazy Connectives Song



Here are this week's spellings: 

other, mother, nothing, Monday, all, ball, call, walk, talk, always


Write them out in fancy writing - E.G. curly, bubble, wiggly...