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We are starting our new topic of money. This links in with our previous work on decimals. Today, you will have opportunity to look at different coins and bank notes and count money, recording in pence and £ and pence in decimals.

Review the money display poster which shows the different coins and bank notes that are in existence.

Remember that £1.00 is the same as 100 pence.

20 pence is the same as £0.20

65 pence is the same as £0.65

Remember, we always show two decimal places for money.


The worksheet below contains two different activities. Choose the appropriate challenge for each task and check your answers off against the marking sheet provided.


Yesterday you reviewed the fluency rules of direct speech, in particular using all the rules that we know about speech punctuation.

- Speech marks around the spoken word

- Starting speech with capital letters

- Punctuation before closing speech marks

- Reporting verb ( remember the word "said" is banned!!!)

- Make it clear who is speaking

- NSNL (New Speaker New Line)

- Rules relating to position of reporting clause (See the help sheet for this below)

Today, you are going to apply this learning to solve reasoning questions about direct speech.

Read slides 15 - 21 of Direct speech punctuation.

Then tackle the appropriate challenge level of application questions. Use the answers at the end to self mark your work.

As a reminder the summary direct speech poster is also attached from yesterday.


Lesson 5 - Maya Religion and Beliefs

Read "Maya Gods and Religion Introduction" to find out more about the Mayans. Then, choosing the appropriate challenge level for you, complete the "Maya beliefs worksheet). For additional support material use the details in the "Maya beliefs information sheet"


Finally, using all that you have learnt complete a "Maya Gods Fact File".