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Understanding The World

Understanding The World - What objects can you find that will float? What objects can you find that will sink?

Can you now experiment to find out which objects float and sink?


What you will need?

A bowl of water

Different objects of different sizes and shapes (For example: a pencil, a ball, a plastic boat, an apple)


What to do?

(1) Fill the bowl with a little bit of water.

(2) Choose an object to test.

(3) Make a prediction - with the words "I predict it will float or sink"

(4) Record your prediction on the paper provided

(5) Put it in the water to find out if it floats or sinks.

(6) Were you right? Write down what you found out.

(7) Repeat with a different object.

(8) Upload a picture of you or a picture of your results on Tapestry.  


Remember when you make a prediction it is just a sensible guess. It doesn't matter if you are not correct.


Have a go! Good Luck little scientists!!


Understanding of The World - The sheet for you, as the scientist, to use!