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Please see your MyMaths account for today's maths task. Complete the lesson before attempting the homework. Remember you can use your book for workings. We will monitor results online.

You must remember to log out of your portal and then log out of MyMaths - otherwise your results might not be sent to us.

Your first task to complete will be "Introducing equivalent fractions". When complete move on to "Simple equivalent fractions". Finally, complete the "Fractions and decimals" task.


Over the next couple of days we are going to be revisiting direct speech, in particular using all the rules that we know about speech punctuation.

- Speech marks around the spoken word

- Starting speech with capital letters

- Punctuation before closing speech marks

- Reporting verb ( remember the word "said" is banned!!!)

- Make it clear who is speaking

- NSNL (New Speaker New Line)

- Rules relating to position of reporting clause (See the help sheet for this below)

Today, we are going to look at the fluency side of direct speech.

Read slides 4 to 14 of "PPT Direct speech" carefully where the rules of speech punctuation are discussed.

Then, complete the fluency questions below. Make sure to choose the challenge level appropriate for you. You can then self mark using the answers at the end of the question sheet.


We are starting our new science topic of sound;

Lesson 1 - What can we hear around us?

Firstly, write down all the information you know about sound using the "Sound Mind Map" worksheet. Then, complete the "Sound walk sheet" by moving to different areas of your home (including the garden), listening carefully and describing what sounds you can hear.