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Extra mild challenge

For those who completed the extra mild challenge on equivalent fractions on Wednesday, please revisit that page and look at completing the other challenges from that day. Or you could also choose a different equivalent fraction colouring task from yesterday to consolidate your learning.


Today's challenge

Everyone else, we are going to be looking at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Improper fractions are when the numerator is bigger than the denominator.

Review pages 5 and 6 on the help sheet below. This will explain the process of converting.

Then look at the differentiated work sheet below and choose the appropriate challenge to complete.



If you fancy applying your understanding of converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, have a go at solving the code breaker below.


Today is your opportunity to write up your plan about the main body of your text about "School uniform should be banned"

Next week we will be looking at the introduction and conclusion section of this topic. So make sure to focus ONLY on the main body of the text.

Use the available resources and make sure to include emotive language, persuasive sentence starters as well as causal and contrasting conjunctions.


Lesson 2 - The Maya Timeline

Firstly, reacquaint yourself with historical time terminology using "Introduction to BC and AD"

Now it is your turn to place Maya historical events in relation to other world events. Using the "Maya and other world events timeline", cut and stick the events onto your "A4 timeline" in chronological order (earliest to latest)

There is a "timeline questions extension task" available for those of you wanting to expand your knowledge.