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Tomorrow,  Friday (8th May) marks the anniversary of 75 years since Victory in Europe Day.  Due to this anniversary the annual May Bank Holiday was moved this year from the first Monday of May to Friday 8th May. Official celebrations had been planned both nationally and locally.

Today's learning opportunities are all going to be focussed around VE Day.

Find out more about the significance of this day in the PowerPoint below.

Warm your brains up by completing the VE Day wordsearch below.


Along the theme of VE Day celebrations, the maths activities relate to this topic. Can you apply your skills to be a codebreaker? Why not have a go at the themed multiplication and division game too.


To find out more about VE Day, we have a reading comprehension task for you.  Remember to read the text carefully and refer to the text when answering questions - it is not a memory test! Try to include quotes to support your answers.


There are 3 challenge levels to choose from with differentiated  texts and questions - look for the stars at the bottom left of the pages which indicate the challenge level. Make sure you use the same star number text for the questions you have chosen. Only choose one activity. * is the easier level task, ** is the middle level and *** is the harder task.  Answers are provided at the end of the pack for you to self assess.

Afternoon activities

Below you can find a wide range of different activities you could have a go at making, colouring, being creative with. Don't forget to send us some pictures on SeeSaw of what you get up to.