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Maths - Times Table Rock Star Battle!


Today you have been challenged to a Times Table Rock Star Battle between each of the classes in Year 4 and Year 5.  Can your class apply their times table knowledge to be the ultimate times tables stars?

Your battle is only active today. It commences at 08:30 and concludes at 16:30.


The last battle saw both Year 4 classes score higher than each of the Year 5 classes and 4RW for the first time beat 4B. Everyone please give this challenge your best effort and if everyone earns points we have every chance of beating Year 5 again. Let's show them.  

Good luck!! 


Back to fractions from our work on Wednesday. Today we will be either consolidation adding fraction with the same denominator (page 1 of the fraction help sheet) or applying this to fractions with different denominators (page 2 of the fraction help sheet)

If you do not feel confident moving onto fractions with different denominators

Read the Powerpoint and choose to complete either the fluency green or orange questions. Or challenge yourself to solving the green or orange problem solving questions applying your understanding. (Note, the red challenges involve different denominators  so do not attempt this.)

Task 2 - Apply your learning to the interactive fraction addition game, linked below. Choose either challenge 1a or 2a to begin with. Then try to see if you can simplify fractions with challenges 1b and 2b. Happy zapping!!

For those of you moving onto adding fractions with different denominators

Task 1 - Read page 2 of the fractions help sheet to show you work out the smallest number that both denominators go into and convert the fractions. Remember the rule that "whatever you do to the denominator you have to do to the numerator" 

Use this understanding to solve the green, orange or red challenges relating to adding fractions with different denominators. Please self mark using the answers at the end of the document.

Task 2 - If you need to refresh your skills look at the powerpoint and have a go at the red problem solving questions which have you needing to convert fractions to have the same denominator. Again, answers can be found at the end of the pack.
Task 3 - Apply your learning to the interactive fraction addition game, linked below. Choose either challenge 3a or 3b. Happy zapping!!


We are going to be looking at persuasive writing. You will recall (hopefully) that we hard started working on this in class together. Today is an opportunity for a refresher on identifying and understanding the different features of persuasive writing.

Remember, persuasion is trying to influence or persuade people to do something, visit somewhere or change their way of thinking about a certain topic.

Have a look at some of the example texts to identify the features of persuasive writing

Read the help sheet below which then identifies the specific features of persuasive writing. Can you see these now in the example texts you looked at?
Now it is chance for you to apply your understanding to look at an example of persuasive writing that is colour coded for you to identify the specific technique that has been used. We know this is the one you looked at it in school with us, but it is ideal for a recap and we will be applying this over the next series of English lessons.

Topic - History

This term we will be exploring and studying the mysteriously fascinating May Civilisation of Central America. You will have opportunities to look at a range of information, from how Maya society was structured to its sudden and perplexing decline. We hope that this unit inspires you to uncover more mysteries of these ancient peoples.


Lesson 1 - Maya Artefacts

Using the "Artefact table worksheet", study the 11"artefact images" from the Maya Civilisation. Describe what you can see for each artefact and try to decide what you think each artefact was used for.

Take a look at the Artefact slides to reveal what each artefact is, in order to compare with your own ideas. Finally, using the knowledge you have acquired, complete the "question stems" worksheet.