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Spelling Test

*Please conduct a spelling test of the spellings given out on Thursday you haven't already. New spellings to learn will be available tomorrow.*

Today we are continuing to learn about how to write effective recipes using bossy verbs.


Watch a step-by-step video with sound for a recipe for making bread.

What ingredients did they use?

What order were they added in?

Which bossy verbs do you think that they could have used to describe the actions?


Make notes as you watch the video below.


Your task now is to write the whole recipe! Use the pictures below to help you with each step. Make sure that you put your ingredients at the top, number your instructions and use the correct bossy verbs!


25kg flour             200g salt

310g yeast             5l water




Leave to prove (rise) for 1 hour



230 degrees Celsius

Bake for 45 minutes


Don't forget to check your learning against the success criteria!



For an extension, could you use adverbs to describe HOW you carry out your bossy verbs? Could you add any top tips for the reader?


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please. 

Today we are continuing to look at subtracting numbers within 20, crossing 10.


Have a look at the below subtraction story. Can you fill in the correct numbers?



Now, we will be looking at how to subtract by partitioning your whole number.

Have a look at the example below.



First there were 12 red and blue cars in the car park. The whole is 12. Then, we find out that 5 of them are blue, which we then partition into a part (see the part whole model). Because we have taken away a part from the whole, we are left with the second part which gives us the number of red cars. Can you work out how many cars are red?


Have a go at solving the below problems based on the example above.




Now, have a go at your choice of challenge below!