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Now for the fun application of fractions of quantities.

Have a go at helping the knight combat the dragon and trolls to get his way through the maze.

Choose the appropriate challenge level for you (For guidance, s is green, c is orange and e is red)

Maths is used in our every day lives too and one such important place is in baking. Below is a recipe for carrot cake that you need to convert the ingredients for different quantities of cakes to make. Again, choose the appropriate challenge level for you.

Maybe you could even put maths into action by making the cakes!?!?!?!?


Today is a different style of lesson than we have tackled so far during this learning away from school.

You need to help Mr Whoops spot the spelling mistakes.

Read the text carefully and see if you can spot the 12 spelling mistakes he has made. It would probably be best if you use a dictionary to help you. Then spell the word correctly. (You can check your answers on the second page. These words then need to be learned for a spelling test next week.

You can then EITHER:-

Rewrite the paragraph correctly spelling the words, using cursive handwriting, making sure each word is legible


Type up the text on the computer, using your touch typing skills that you have been working on at home.


Lesson 3 - Maya Geography

Read the pdf version of the "Maya Geography PPT" ( no need to print out) and on the "World map" highlight where the Maya Civilisation was situated.

Then choose a relevant challenge of "Maya Map" and label it using the "Map of the Maya Civilisation" and an atlas to help you.


If you fancy challenging yourself to answering questions about the map you have drawn, complete the extension task below.