The Tyrrells School

Aspire, Care, Learn for Life


Ask the children to talk about activities they like to do. Ask for an example and discuss with the children whether their body is active/moving (e.g. playing football) or inactive/not moving (e.g. watching television).


Ask the children to make a list of the things that they like doing and challenge them to have done their activity by the end of a certain day.


Discuss how they feel when doing their chosen physical activity – include what changes in their body e.g. faster heartbeat, red/hot face and their emotions e.g. I feel excited; I feel happy; I feel proud of myself. 


Talk about what would happen if you did your chosen activity most days, e.g. I would be able to swim a long way, I would be able to run faster, I would be much stronger in gymnastics, I would be fitter.


Give the children a copy of Screen Time/Active Time and ask them to record each day at home how much time they spend on a screen activity (e.g. computer, PlayStation, TV) and how much on physical activity (e.g. playing in the garden, trampolining, walking the dog). Discuss the results at the end of the week and then ask the children to say something they are proud of or enjoyed (e.g. On Tuesday I walked to the shops and I played in the garden, This week I did ten hours of active time, I enjoyed going for a bike ride with my brother).


We would like to see all of the activities that you get up to on Seesaw!