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Daily Maths

This week we shall be refreshing our knowledge and understanding of money and today we shall be practising adding and making totals.  Can you remember how many British coins and notes there are? Remember that we can look at the colour, size, shape and markings on each to help us identify them. To warm you up today play the 'Coin Cruncher' game!


There are then two options for you to choose from but like always you can of course do both if you wish. Firstly, grab a muffin tray and either line with paper cases or ask a grown up to write different amounts on a slip of paper and pop one inside each hole. If you have coins available, then you could use these to make the different amounts. If not, then you can download the coin template (attached to activity 2) and use those or… underneath each amount you could jot down which coins you would use to pay.  Remember to ask a grown up to check afterwards!

Here is an example:


The second activity is called ‘Jam Jars’. Download the activity sheet and choose the challenge to suit you. (Remember one star for the red/mild challenge and three stars for the green/hot challenge). Here you will count the total amount in each jam jar then use the coins to create given amounts.