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Spelling Test

*Please conduct a spelling test of the spellings given out on Thursday you haven't already. New spellings to learn will be available tomorrow.*

Today we are learning to spell words containing each of the letter sounds that you have been taught.


Have a look at the below passage which shows a selection of real words, some of which are correctly spelt, others are incorrectly spelt. Can you sort these words and explain why the incorrect words are wrong?



Now, can you edit these sentences in the challenge of your choice below which contain Phase 3 and some Phase 5 words that are incorrect? You do not have to copy all of the paragraph out again, you could put a line neatly through the word that is spelt incorrectly and write the correct one above it.


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please.

Today we will be carrying on with practising our fluency in number facts to 20 by linking addition and subtraction using fact families.


Watch the video below to guide your learning today. The video you need will be 'Week 3 Lesson 2'. 

Now, complete the activity sheets below. Use equipment to support your learning if you need to.