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Continuing with fractions of quantities, work through slides 13 - 19 of the Powerpoint below (OR the pdf version if you can only access via this method) and then tackle the accompanying problem solving questions. Make sure to choose the appropriate challenge level for you. Always show your calculations and explain your answers where asked to. Answers can be found at the end of the question sheet.


We have completed all the teaching input for the persuasive writing unit, which means only one thing …….. Yes, applying all the skills to a hot write on a different topic. We will be researching and looking into the issue of plastic pollution and this will form the basis of your hot write. So as a start to the research, you will find a reading comprehension text below. Please choose the appropriate challenge level and read the text carefully several times before tackling the questions. When you are all set to answer the questions remember to write using full sentences and making sure the wording of the question is included in your answer.


Lesson 3 - Classifying "living things"

Work through the "starter classification activity" worksheet. As a guide 4A is mild, 4B is spicy and 4C is hot in terms of challenge level. It refers to a classification key which can then be found at the end of that document.

Now, have a go at completing the "classifying invertebrates worksheet".