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Our next few lessons have three aims:

To create and debug simple programs  

To use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs  

To use technology purposefully to create digital content 


Open Scratch and reload previously saved project including the musical instrument of your choice from wherever you saved it. You are going to edit and improve upon your original project. 


Can your child remember how to insert a new sprite? (If not, please go back over the instructions from last week.) From the selection available, choose a singer.

(I've chosen Wanda & the city as my stage here!)



Click on the 'Costumes' tab on the left hand side and call it ‘not sing’.



Right click on the small Sprite picture on the very left hand side and select 'Duplicate'.



Call this new costume 'sing'.



Edit this costume using the paintbrush and the line tools so that it looks like the singer is singing by adding some lines and musical notes. Check out my project below (Sample Band) to see what we mean by this.



Now we will code this singer so that she sings when she is clicked AND changes costume so it looks like she is singing.


Click back on the 'Code' tab. You can see here that I've already coded Wanda to sing - just like we did last week. Choose a sound for your singer. 



To make her appearance change when she sings, we need to switch between costumes. 

The 'Switch costumes' option can be found under 'Looks' on the left hand side. 




We need to add this block so that the appearance of the singer changes to 'sing' when she is clicked, so it needs to be before the instruction to make the sound.



After the sound is finished, she needs to change her costume back to 'not sing'. Add the same block but then use the drop down arrow in the box to select which costume you'd like her to change to.



Then test your code by clicking on your singer over on the right hand side. Does she/he sing AND change costume? If not, check back over your code and debug it. 

Try to change the costumes on your other instruments so that they look different when they are clicked.

Then, test everything out - and save it when you are happy that it is all working properly.

Please send us the link to your shared project on Seesaw, or a short video of you making it work. Have fun!