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Today in English you are going to write up in best the banana flapjack recipe that you followed and made notes on yesterday.


Take out your notes and use them to recite your ingredients, equipment and the recipe in the correct order. Can you remember any adverbs that go with your bossy verbs?


Use the pictures below to help you. Don't forget to start your sentence with a time connective such as 'first.....'.



Now, use the below writing frame to write up your instructions in best!

Have a look at my example below to see what is expected. You don't need to highlight the words below, this is just to show you what you need to include.



 time connectives         adverbs        bossy verbs       extra tips for the reader!


You could challenge yourself by creating your own version using the pictures to prompt you.



When you have finished, check that you have been successful today by ticking the parts of the Success Criteria that you have achieved.


Success Criteria:

- I know how a recipe is laid out

- I know the ingredients that I need

- I can use time connectives

- I can use bossy verbs

- I can use adverbs

- I can add important tips to help my reader


We are continuing to look at adding the suffixes -er and -est to the end of words. Today, we will be looking at a particular spelling rule that needs to be applied.


When we add these suffixes onto the end of these words, we need to double the last consonant. Have a look at the example below. Can you add -er and -est suffixes onto the end of the next words on the list? If you can, draw a picture to show how each word means something different.



Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please. 

Today we will be learning to subtract 1 digit numbers within 20. This time, we will be looking at how to solve a subtraction equation that crosses over 10. 


Look at the example below. We know that we need to subtract 7 from the number 15. We can do this by think of how to partition the 7 into two numbers, one which will get us to the number 10 and the other will be the amount remaining to subtract. 



Step 1: Subtract the number to 'make ten'. In this case, we know that 15 is made of 10 + 5 so we know that we need to subtract the 5 to get to 10. 


Step 2: Then we must subtract the remaining number in our part-whole model, which in this case is 2.


Step 3: Now, we have our answer.


We can also solve the equation by using the number line below! Remember to subtract the part that gets us to 10 first, then subtract the rest!




Using the example above, can you solve this subtraction equations using the 'make ten' strategy?



Now, can you solve the equation using the number line method? Don't forget to jump to 'make ten' first!



Now have a go at the choice of challenges below!