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Today marks World Oceans Day and we have decided that all the work you complete today will be linked to this theme. This means the start of our day is a little different. Before we share some information with you, complete the "my thoughts and ideas" activity sheet. Be as honest you can about the questions it asks you.



You will have chance to find out more about World Oceans Day with the reading comprehension below. Please choose the appropriate challenge level for you and read the text carefully several times before committing your answers to paper. You can self mark using the answer sheet at the end of each challenge level.


Along the theme of today, please find a couple of different colouring challenges using a mix of different operations involving, addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division. Choose the operation you would like to tackle.


Read through the "World Oceans Day PPT". Answer the questions verbally along the way.

Now, have a go at completing the "Mapping our Oceans activity sheet". Choose your own level of difficulty and then use the internet or books you have at home to label your chosen sheet accurately.
Select ONE of the five oceans from the "Ocean Fact File worksheet" to research about. You will need to search on the internet and in books you may have at home. You will have time tomorrow to complete this particular activity tomorrow.