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Today as part of revisiting the four operation we are focussing on the fluency of column subtraction. It is key to remember to line numbers up carefully taking place value into account. Remember to clearly mark up exchanges. The worksheet has several levels of challenge to choose from. The extension involves calculating the missing digit. At the end of the worksheet is a set of model answers which you will be able to self mark against. Don't forget to include the short dotty date of 25.03.20 and use LO of column subtraction, making clear which challenge level you are working on.

As an extension feel free to try the dicey game challenge. Follow the instructions on the guidance sheet below.



Today you are going to have chance to start writing your narrative with a dilemma. This follows on from your drawing and annotating of your setting and character description on Monday and your detailed plan from yesterday. Please click on the link for the writing challenge and read Session 3.

As we've discussed in class, make sure to refer to the success criteria. Challenge yourself to include detailed vocabulary choices.

You have two days available, today and tomorrow to complete this writing challenge. Be sure to focus also on the dilemma and  discuss the different options and choices available.

Daily tasks


TT rockstars for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes. Those of you using Lexia please log in and complete 20 minutes of this too.

PE challenge


Make sure to take part in a 30 minute active session today. Use the Joe Wicks link included in the Mindfulness and Keeping active list of useful websites. You do not need to have to do this exactly at 9am when it is streamed live. You can click on sessions that have previously been broadcast.

Enjoy the sunshine


While the weather is nice today, why not take your reading book, some colouring or a sketch book and sit either in your garden, or looking out to some outdoor space from your home.