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Today we are going to consolidate our learning of length, using MyMaths. 

Please see your MyMaths account for today's maths task. Complete the lesson before attempting the homework. Remember you can use your book for workings. We will monitor results online.

You must remember to log out of your portal and then log out of MyMaths - otherwise your results might not be sent to us.

There are two tasks to complete today:-

Task 1 - "Length Measurement" - This firstly involves converting centimetres to metres.

Remember: 1m = 100cm

E.g. 5m = 500cm

Then you will need to convert measurements between centimetres and millimetres.

Remember: 1cm = 10mm

E.g. 40cm = 400mm

Task 2 - "Units of Length"- This firstly involves you estimating the length of certain objects

For example:

The length of a pen would be about 25cm.

The second part of the task involves you calculating differences in length using conversion.

For example:

Toby is growing a pear tree in his garden. A year ago it was 78cm tall. It is now 1.2m tall. How much has it grown by?

1.2m = 120cm

120cm-78cm = 42cm

The tree has grown by 42cm.


Today, we are going to be looking at pronouns - these are words that replace  nouns to make our writing less repetitive. Review the video below, stop it regularly to identify the pronoun being used and note them down.

Work through "Pronouns and Possessive Pronouns PPT" that explains about the mandy different types of pronouns. Our main focus is on

Personal pronouns - Represent people, places and things eg she, it, they

Possessive pronouns - Represent ownership of something eg our, his, her.

Choosing the appropriate challenge level, have a go at identifying the personal pronouns and possessive pronouns. Can you match them against the noun that they are replacing?


We are starting our new topic of Christianity today.

Today's lesson is finding out what we know about Jesus, using the guidance sheet below.