The Tyrrells School

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Today you will be combining drawing, colouring and maths!


Draw a picture onto the puzzle sheet (this could be your favourite animal, a park or playground, anything at all!) then cut the jigsaw pieces out. Try to do this as carefully as possible so that it can be put back together again! Once cut out, muddle them up and lay the pieces out in front of you in rows. Can you ask someone to complete your puzzle by giving them verbal instructions using the correct vocabulary? For example, you may say… ‘Look at the top row and pick up the third piece along. Turn it a quarter turn clockwise then put it above the tiger’s eye!’


You can also do this activity on your own by simply describing how each piece of the jigsaw moves using the language of position, direction and movement. Open the document below and choose which size you would like your puzzle pieces. If you do not feel confident drawing your own picture there is also a Jack & the Beanstalk 9-piece puzzle that you can use instead!