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Today we will be looking at the rounding of decimals. Before we start though, many of you will need a reminder about the rounding rules. Below is the weblink to Miss Busby's chosen cheesy song to recap.

Read through the "Round decimals" Powerpoint. Remember to circle the place value that you are having to round to and underline the number next to it. If the underlined digit is 5 or more you round up, 4 or less and you round down.

Complete " rounding decimals sheet 1" and mark your work using the answers provided. Then, complete as much as you can of the "Rounding decimals sheet 2".


Today you have the opportunity to finish your writing using your plan about plastic pollution. Don't forget to look back at all of the support documents provided for you yesterday.


Lesson 4 - Mayan Society

Read the Powerpoint about "Maya Society" to understand how Maya life was organising. Using this information, complete a "Maya Society" worksheet of your chosen difficulty.

Extension Task

If you fancy making your own word search about Mayan city states, take a look at the extension task below.