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Daily English

Good Morning Year 2! We hope you've had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. Now it's time for your English lesson and we will be refreshing our knowledge of homophones...


L.O To understand that some words sound the same but have different meanings.


Please follow the lesson in the link below...

We would like you to try all three activities if you can!


Adding -es to nouns and verbs ending in -y


For words that end in y, there is a simple rule for changing these words to the plural form (plural means more than 1) : change the y to i and add -es.


cry - cries

fly - flies 

reply - replies

copy - copies 

baby - babies

sky -  skies

pony - ponies

lorry - lorries

family - families 

party - parties


Your task is to design a poster that explains this spelling rule. Make sure you include all the examples above. 


We can't wait to see your lovely spelling poster!