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Literacy - Lesson 5 - Off you go!


Yesterday you drew a picture and wrote a sentence about where in the world you would like to visit.


Today we would like you to build a plane out of different things that you have at home. You might want to consider items such as boxes, chairs or furniture. If you are limited for space, why not use lego or action figures and blocks. 


Use the templates provided to make a passport and a boarding pass. So that you and others can get on the plan. 


Pack a bag with some items you might take with you. Items might include sun tan lotion, clothes or your teddy.


You can play along with members of your family. If you want you could be the pilot and you could get your family to be the passengers on your plane. If they are busy then why not get your favourite cuddly toys, dinosaurs or action figures to be the passengers.


You could dress up in character. For example if your going somewhere hot you could wear shorts and a T-Shirt. You could dress your passengers up. If they are teddies give them a cool costume to wear.


Use a different voice to pretend to talk to the passengers. If you are using different toys, why don't you use different voices to play the characters. 


If you want, you can get someone to film your adventure or take pictures and pop them on Tapestry.


Go on your journey! Have fun!