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Pupil Report Comments

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please help your child to complete the Pupil Report Comments template below. They can choose to either type or hand write their reflections on the year. If they chose to hand write their ideas, please either scan the finished document or take a photograph. Completed templates should be sent by email to your child's teacher by Monday 20th July. This copy will be added to the teacher written report and kept for our own records. You are invited to keep your original copy as a record of your child's view of their school year and can add this to their teacher report, once received. We look forward to receiving their thoughts as they look back on 2019/2020.


(This message will appear all week but you only need to complete it once!)


The Year 4 Team


No prizes for guessing what film this dance track is going to be taken from!!!


Following on from yesterday's lesson, apply your skills to solve a quiz or find the answer to a joke, in these two activities below.


Yesterday, you looked at a couple of editing exercises as well as revisiting apostrophes. Before you get chance to edit and redraft your story, read the Speech Punctuation Powerpoint below. Then have a go at applying this, as well as using commas after fronted adverbials, in the editing challenge below. You can check against the answers provided.

Now, with all the skills we have revisited to spot errors in our writing, it is time for you to relook at your narrative that you wrote this week.

Take time to use the editing and redrafting success criteria, to carefully review your writing. Remember to cross through errors using a ruler with one line neatly. Then consider the narrative success criteria and RAG rate your writing.

DT Cooking

Either this afternoon, or over the weekend, try to help a grown up with some cooking at home. Either something sweet or savory. A single portion or enough for the whole family. IT is up to you and your family.   Make sure you check you have all the ingredients you need before you begin.

Challenge yourself to try cooking something different this week than you have done previously while we have been away from school.

Can you:

Use your reading skills to follow a recipe?

Use your measurement skills to weigh out ingredients on the scales?

Use your knowledge of time skills to calculate when to take the item out of the oven?

Can you use your fraction skills to either scale up or scale down to the right number of portions?


Remember to take a picture of your cooking and send it to us on see-saw.  We would love to see your creative skills!  Add a note to tell us how it tasted and if you would change anything next time. Can you identify which skills you have developed whilst cooking?