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Daily Maths

Warm-up today by playing Daily 10 using the link below. Please choose ‘Level 2’ from the menu then either ‘Addition’ or ‘Subtraction’ and ‘Up to 100 – ten more’ or ‘ Up to 100 – ten less’.


In today’s activity you will first watch a video clip on adding 2-digit numbers, these are numbers which have both tens and ones. This video recaps really well the methods which we have looked at in class already! Once you have watched this, you may want to ask a grown up to provide you with some extra calculations you can try together before moving on. If you feel confident to start the activities, then please choose from the below.


Red challenge: Activity 1, Questions 1-3

Yellow Challenge: Activity 1, Questions 1-5 and Activity 3

Green Challenge: Activity 1, 2 and 3