The Tyrrells School

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Today we are going to learn about balanced diets. Ask children to describe what they had for dinner last night. Show the Eatwell guide below.


Describe the five groups and give examples of foods which might be in each group. Ask children to identify foods they ate for dinner and where they would fit on the Eatwell guide. Explain that we need a range of foods from the four main groups to stay healthy. We may choose to eat foods from the left hand corner (Foods and drinks high in fat and / or sugar), but these should be less often and in small portions (You could refer back to Frances and her unbalanced diet). Once children have understood the Eatwell guide, they could choose from the following activities:


• Using paper plates, children make individual Eatwell guides by drawing or sticking on pictures from magazines or clipart.

• Test your knowledge of food groups by taking the Eatwell challenge below