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Thinkuknow have released some excellent e-safety resources for Home Learning while children are not in school. Have a look at the document below and carry out the activities.

Can you complete the sharing pictures quiz? We would love to see the four pictures of things that you do that make you feel happy. Please share it with us on Seesaw or email it in to us.

Our computing objective this week is to use technology purposefully to create digital content. 

Ideally, in school, we would use Publisher for this task - but if you are unable to access this at home, you could do the same job in Word.


Explain that we’re going to be using a program that’s a bit like a blank page – and on to it you can put whatever you like to create things like posters, covers for books, invitations, worksheets and so on.

Explain how to open Publisher and demonstrate how to draw a text box near the top of the page (use portrait orientation for the page) – explain that this box then works the same as Word, in that you can change the size of the writing, the colour and the font until you are happy with the effect. Let children write their name in this text box and experiment with the fonts and sizes. 

Then create another text box further down and write the title of the non-fiction text that we are creating in English in it – this could be 'Farm Animals' or 'All about Farm Animals - talk with your child about a suitable title and then let them choose. 

Show a print preview and talk about how dull the page looks at the moment. How can we improve this as an interesting non-fiction book cover?

Show children how to minimize Publisher & open Kiddle to perform a safe image search.

Kiddle is a safe search engine that is brilliant for children. 

List popular farm animal words to search for on a piece of paper (e.g. cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken etc) Allow children to search for a suitable picture. 

Demonstrate how to copy & paste (using a right click and the menu) in order to copy the picture and paste it into the Publisher/Word document. We have also copied and pasted using the shortcut 'ctrl & v' at school - they may remember this. Please remind them how to resize the picture using the corners if it is too big. You can add a few pictures if you like. Hopefully, the finished piece of work will look something like the one shown below. 

If you are able to, please save this document and print it off to form the cover of their non-fiction book. We'd love it if you could email us a copy of the final piece of work to look at.