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Daily Maths

For the next two lessons we will be looking at another way that information can be presented. 


Bar charts (also known as block graphs) are also good ways of visually showing data. Unlike a pictogram that uses pictures to show the numbers counted, bar charts are usually shown on a square grid with one bar (or block) representing a number instead. They are also different in that the objects or items being counted are written along the bottom (this is called the x axis) and the number of objects is written up the side (we call this the y axis)


Here is an example: 


Use the website Topmarks (link below) to explore bar charts and have a go at answering the questions. (This website requires flash to run). Please select a category of your choice e.g. 'Sport played' and then start by selecting '10 intervals'. Once the bar chart loads, click on the buttons down the left-hand side and answer the questions that appear. You can reset this game choosing different categories and intervals. 


Now you're warmed up, download and complete one of the activities below. Here you will continue to practise interpreting information on a bar chart (There are two options so remember to scroll). There is also a 'Super challenge' to download if you really want to work your brain! smiley Good luck!