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Morning Greetings


Hi Year 4, we hope that you enjoyed your weekend and remembered to put your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night!!

Hard to believe Sunday marked British Summer Time beginning, when hail and snow fell several times on Sunday.


The results are in for the TT Rockstars challenge from Friday. Really good to see that both Year 4 classes each scored more points than any of the Year 5 classes, so well done all of you who took part. We reckon Year 5 may want a rematch, and we are sure Year 4 will do us proud once more.

Huge congratulations to 4RW who managed to just edge 4B from the top spot.


Daily tasks


By now you probably have this routine set but do please check for any extra updates. 

TT rockstars for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes. Lexia users to also complete 20 minutes of this too.


Make sure to do some physical activity. Either, tune in to Joe Wicks daily workout or a session of yoga from our list of websites within mindfulness and keeping active.


Tune in to David Walliams on the web link below, which is releasing a free audio book each day at 11am.

Volunteer to help with at least one task around the house, eg washing up, making your bed, tidying your bedroom, making a drink for your household. Perhaps even help in the kitchen with preparing a meal.



Today we are going to be looking at multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. The learning reminders document below gives a quick recap of how to do this. Remember we talked in class about recording numbers in place value columns first and then carefully digit bouncing. Don't forget, the decimal point NEVER moves!!

Then, when you are ready, access the worksheet and choose the appropriate challenge to complete. The short dotty date is 30.3.20

Make sure to record your workings neatly and read the sign of the operation carefully. There is an extension task on the second page and all answers can be found at the end of the document so you can self mark.

Typing challenge


Why not take some time to learn how to touch type on the computer. The link below takes you a dance mat typing programme which introduces each of the keys and explains how to position your hands and fingers on the keyboard.

Take your time to work through each of the stages at your pace. Happy typing!!



This week we are going to be focussing on letter writing. This will involve both informal and formal styles of writing.

Work your way through the Powerpoint which explains the difference between informal and formal styles of writing.

The task sheet below outlines the work to be completed over the next two days. Your focus is to plan on the planning template what you would like to write. Remember this task is an Informal letter. Make sure to use the style detailed in the Powerpoint above.



Last week you explored the following website to investigate the importance of maps. You also had opportunity to play on the games link.

Over the next couple of days, we would like you to research about the use of co-ordinates and why the Royal Ordnance Survey came into effect. Make sure to include details of what maps and co-ordinates are used for.

Present this research in whatever format you would like, eg PowerPoint, Word document, Poster, Information booklet.