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Start by reading these words. Do you know what they all mean? Can you use them in a full sentence?


Now play noughts and crosses with another member of your family. Can you read the alien words that contain the same long /oo/ sound?

Now try the crossword and the sheet below.



Here are your spellings to practise for next week. How did you get on in your test?


Have a look at the two letter formation videos and then complete the handwriting sheet or have a go on your own in your exercise book. Don't forget the golden handwriting rules!

(Can you remember them? Tell someone else what they are!)


There are three levels to choose from for this activity. Please choose the level most appropriate for your child. There's some guidance on how tricky each level is in the image below.

Children should read the text and then answer the questions, giving as much detail as possible. Sometimes they are asked to answer in full sentences, so please encourage them to do this where appropriate. 

The reading task guidance gives you an outline of the type of questions used in these comprehension exercises - and some ideas of the type of questions that you can use when reading at any time with your children at home.


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please.

Today we'd like you to revisit and review your understanding of an aspect of maths that we covered just before school closed - measure of length and height. 

Start by looking at the giraffes below, what can you say about their height?

Encourage children to use the words and phrases 'tallest', 'taller than', 'shortest' and 'shorter than' in four sentences to describe giraffe A and giraffe B.

Now look at the lines below and encourage children to use the words and phrases 'longest', 'longer than', 'shortest' and 'shorter than' in several sentences to describe the different coloured lines. 

Now look at the PowerPoint or pdf below which explains how to carefully use a ruler and then complete the sheets below. If you are printing them off, be sure to print them at full size so that the measurements are in full centimetres. 

Finally, have a look at these measuring length challenge cards and choose some to have a try with at home. Please send us a photo of your work on Seesaw when you are finished.