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Spelling Test

*Please conduct a spelling test of the spellings given out on Thursday you haven't already. New spellings to learn will be available tomorrow.*


Today we are going to be learning to add the prefix 'un-' to a word to make it mean the opposite.


A prefix means a word that gets 'fixed' to the start of another word (a bit like fixing a piece of lego to the front of another piece!). Sometimes when it has been fixed on, it can change the meaning of a word. Just like when you fix a piece of lego onto the front of another piece, it can change its shape and how you might use it!


By the end of this lesson:


All of you must be able to read a sentence containing an 'un-' word.

Most of you should be able to tell an adult how ‘un-’ changes a word.

Some of could think of a sentence using an ‘un-’ word.


Use the document below to revise the prefix 'un-'. Can you see how 'un-' changes the word to its opposite meaning?

Using the document below, cut out the word from the sheet and stick it in your book. Write the new 'un-' word underneath using 'un-'. If you want more, you can write a sentence containing the 'un-' word too.


For example:




The lion was unkind to the lizard. 


Problem of the Day... can you solve it? Please send us your answer on Seesaw.


Today we will be learning to describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns. 


Have a go at counting on or back within 20 to practise your fluency in number facts to 20.

Take children outside so that they have plenty of space for this activity. Give children instructions to turn using the language ‘quarter’, ‘half’ and ‘three quarters’. Children could then work in pairs to follow and give directions (at a distance if in school!).


Come back inside. Teach children to use the language ‘full’, ‘half’, ‘quarter’ and ‘three quarter’ to describe turns made by shapes/objects.


Have a look at the picture below. Answer the following questions together:




Which shape will the car be facing....

....after a quarter turn to the left?

... after half a turn to the right?

....after a three quarter turn to the left?

....after a whole turn?


Can you now answer these questions? To make it easier, all of the following turns will be to the right.











Now, have a go a the below challenges!