The Tyrrells School

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Consolidating money

Today, you will be able to consolidate what you have been learning about money. There are three different activities, each of which have 3 levels of difficulty to choose from. Have a go and challenge yourself.


Today's lesson is a focus on "ough" spelling words. Work through the activities in the "ough PPT" below.

Then using the spelling words complete the sorting activity which involves you unscrambling the word and then applying it in the context of a sentence.

Then you can complete some of the additional activities using these spelling words.



Outdoor Learning

This afternoon, choose one (or more) of the outdoor learning activities from the links below. 

You will find additional information (such as how to adapt the activity for indoors) by following the hyperlinks within the document.

The documents contain Early Years, Lower Primary and Upper Primary tasks.  You can either scroll down to find the Upper Junior tasks - or if you spot something else you would like to do, go for it!!

Remember to up load a picture to Seesaw so we can see what you have been up to.  Enjoy!!