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PE Zumba Challenge

Day 5 couldn't go by without using the music from Miss Busby's favourite film.


We are moving on to area today. What is area?

Area measures the amount of space inside a shape. It always uses cm2 or m2.

Have a read of the support document below and follow its hyperlink.


Now, work through the PowerPoint below up to slide 12. Today's focus is on the counting of squares to calculate area. Remember that units of area are say cm2 or m2.

Then have a go at the fluency questions below. Remember to self mark using the answers provided.


Yesterday, you wrote notes about how Kukulkan would have felt when he made the decision to take the Chocolate tree from Paradise down to Earth and the Mayans. You will need these to hand for today's activity.


Write a diary entry to explain what happened the day Kukulkan took the chocolate tree. Remember to include the following

- How he felt before he took it, the thoughts going through his mind

- What forced him to make his decision and what he did

- The consequences following what he did and how he feels about it now.

You are writing the diary entry from Kukulkan's point of view. Refer to the success criteria below to help you structure your writing. There is a helpful support guide to show how you could structure your diary entry if you need it. Make sure to RAG rate your work using the success criteria.

Foundation - Outdoor Learning

The focus for our Outdoor Learning is expressing ourselves. This could be through art, drama, craft, dance using the outside world as our stimulus. Can you design a new critter to live in a habitat in your outdoor space? Could you devise a ceremonial dance (like the Haka) to welcome guests to your garden? Does something outside inspire you to pick up your colouring pencils / paint? Have you ever made a tree face using play dough or clay?  

Remember to let us know what you have been up to using seesaw.