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Thinkuknow have released some excellent e-safety resources for Home Learning while children are not in school. Have a look at the document below and carry out the activities.

Can you colour in the picture of Jessie, Tia and Mo in the Avelzon game? Please share it with us on Seesaw.

In Year One, children should learn to recognise common uses of information technology in the home and school environment. 


Ask your child what they think the adults that work in the school use the Internet for on a daily basis... Collect ideas.

Do children use the Internet for the same things or different things? What do their parents use the Internet for at home?  


Explain that we often use the Internet to find out things – which we call research.  

Show the Virtual Farm Walk - link below - or check out the download if this doesn't work. It uses Adobe Shockwave to play which can be a little tricky to get to work properly!

Ask your child to answer some simple questions while they take the virtual tour e.g. Who are the farmers? What animal does Sally like? What is a male pig called? 



Your child can then record their favourite facts in their exercise books. Please share the information that your child has found out with us on Seesaw. Was the Internet useful for research? Did they find out something new? 

If the above link does not work, you can download the whole Virtual Farm Walk at myLEAF. You will need to register for an account, which is immediate, and then you can log in and download the Virtual Farm Walk. It's well worth giving this a go, the children always LOVE this activity in school.