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Two of the objectives for Year 1 Science are 'to observe the changes across the four seasons' and 'to observe and describe the weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.'


While you are out on your daily walks this week, or even in your own back garden, we'd like you to look for evidence that spring is here. This could be done over a few days - with a short note made of the weather and any changes that you have seen each day. You might like to do this in a diary format in your notebook, or to make a list of things that you have seen, or you could draw and label them or take photos.


Think about...

What the weather is like?

Does it feel warm or cool? 

Can you see the sun or is it cloudy?

Is the weather the same as yesterday, or different?

What flowers can you see? 

What are the plants doing? 

How are the plants changing?

Can you hear any signs of spring?

Can you find out what time the sunrise and sunset are this week? 


We look forward to seeing your spring photos or lists of spring signs, please don't forget to send them to us.