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Rounding, estimating and calculating money

Today we are combining rounding skills we have already studied and using in the context of money. Remember the rules of the rounding rap about circling the digit you are rounding to. Don't panic that now decimals are involved.

If it asks you to round £4.69, circle the 4 and the 6 determines whether you round up or down. So in this example, £4.69 rounds to £5

Remind yourself of the rounding rap link below and then tackle the challenge sheet below. You can check your answers from the marking sheet at the end of the document.


Today, we are going to be exploring nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Firstly, read the poem "Younger Brother" Does it remind you of anybody? How many things did the boy collect? These are known as nouns. Remind yourself of what makes a noun, verb and adjective referring to the revision card on page 5.

Activity 2 -  read "The Cave" on page 4 of the document above. Choose 3 different colour pencils or pens and use one colour to identify all the nouns, another colour for verbs, and another colour for adjectives. Then you can check your answers against page 6 of the document above

Activity 3 - Read "The Teacher's Day in Bed" (on page 3) and identify the nouns and verbs in this poem. You can check these off against page 6. Can you add 3 more lines of animals doing something in the classroom. 


Lesson 2 - Hearing sounds

Read through the "Hearing sounds PPT" on slides 1-8. Complete the activities along the way, including labelling parts of the ear. You will have to do some research for this one. 

then, complete the "Science of Sound" worksheet by yourself or with someone at home. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you.